OK, so my pastor says that a leader is a reader. He also says that I am a leader. Therefore, by default, I need to become a reader.

Also, my friend Travis posted a blog about reading 52 books in a year. (yes, he is a nerd)

So, taking Travis’ lead, I have resolved to read 12 books in a year. (I’m not quite as advantageous, more of a realist and a slacker) Here’s my list so far:

Every Man’s Marriage – Stephen Arterburn/Fred Stoeker/Mike Yorkey – In Progress

7 Checkpoints – Stuart Hall/Andy Stanley – In Progress

Good to Great – Jim Collins – In Progress

Simple Church – Thom Rainer

Quiet Strength – Tony Dungy

Max Q – Stuart Hall/Andy Stanley

Visioneering – Andy Stanley

Apparently The Monster at the End of the Book and Froggy’s Day With Dad don’t count.

Wish me luck. My stretch goal is 18 books.