How often do we take simple tasks for granted? Like thinking or speaking? Especially if your life and career consists of using your brain and your mouth.

I had a migraine yesterday and my brain went into neutral. I couldn’t complete sentences because I couldn’t remember the words. It was like I was in another country.(or at least in a nail shop, right Emily?)

I was on a jobsite talking to a customer and I couldn’t remember simple words like “box” or “trailer.” I’m sure I came across as being on top of my game!

But my brain and my mouth are my staple. My communication skills are what help me be successful. It’s kinda like a mechanic with a broken arm, or a surgeon with numb fingers.

Thank God it passed, but it made me think. Pretty scary stuff.

Don’t take things for granted. Words of wisdom.

Another nugget of wisdom: Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweatty stuff.(I stole that from an e-mail)