My wife, Ginny, and I ate dinner with some new friends the other day. They are in our family group at church. We’re at the same stage of life, 2 kids, similar ages. But we are 10 years apart and they are new Christians.

The wife got baptized a few weeks ago.(she was one of 22 people that got baptized that day!) Her husband didn’t.

Guess what? At dinner he asked about being saved and getting baptized! Talk about a spiritual shot in the arm!

I know God is in control of everything, but the cool thing is he lets us play a part in his plan as well. It’s overwhelming to think we are so insignificant compared to God, but he still chooses to use us!(along with everyone else in his sphere of influence)

Don’t think I’m taking credit by any means. We just happened to be one of the last ones helping to water a seed that was planted quite a while ago and tended by countless others. But it is nice to see dividends of your efforts.

Anyway, that was the boost I needed to keep going for a while. I think they call that momentum.