I know where some of you are heading. I can sense it already. Yes I have 2 kids, and yes I love them both. It just so happens that Josh has more blog-worthy events as of late.(Besides pooping in the shower, a picture I didn’t want to post) So to save myself from criticism and stay in the running for Father of the Year, heeeeeeeere’s Riley!

And yes, she is just the cutest thing ever. I love her ever so much.

Funniest Riley story lately:

2 Saturdays ago, Riley stumbles into my bedroom & climbs into bed with us. She isn’t in the mood to lie down, so I get up with her. Still standing next to the bed, I let out this loud, bleating morning-fart. 3 seconds later, Riley lets out a fart just as loud and bleating. Then she laughs, as do I. Mom didn’t laugh.

Yep, boys, in 23 years Riley will be on the dating scene. Better get in line.