Yesterday was my father-in-law’s birthday. He would have been 64 had he not passed away 2 months ago. We are having a family memorial this weekend.

Death is a strange thing. I have experienced it every year for the last 6-7 years. It hasn’t gotten any easier. Ron’s death was especially difficult for me because it directly affected my wife. Up until this year, the deaths have been in my immediate family.(Grandfather, Grandmother, Step-Dad) I’m tough, I can handle it.(yeah, right)

But this is my wife, and I view it as my responsibility to protect her and support her. I had/have no idea how to do this in this situation. Her daddy was her first love, and arguably her number 1. I was OK with running second. Now I am number 1 and those are big shoes. It really is lonely at the top. So I do the best I can to love her, support her, give her the time she needs and the attention she needs.

Something Ron taught Ginny that sticks with me was for her to be independent, but make her man feel important. In his words, “Have him open the mayo jar for you, even though you can do it. It will make him feel needed.”

Happy Birthday Ron. We miss you.