I’ve lived without electricity for a week or two. Bad, but manageable. Sunday we returned home from church to find we had no water service. I assumed this was due to the yellow postcard saying we were late on our water bill.(is $15 so hard to pay? I digress…) But after a quick check of the neighbor’s water hose they also forgot to pay their bill.

Normally this wouldn’t be so bad, but we had about 18 people coming to the house for lunch. And not just any people, but family members. You know they’re not afraid to point out what’s wrong. Add to that 12 women using 1 bathroom with no water, well you get the picture.

Long story longer, the lesson today is this: Water is higher on my needs list than electricity.

Side note: You know how when the power is off and you go into a room, you still flip the light switch? Well when the water is off and you pee, you still try to flush, and 3 seconds later you try to wash your hands. Duh.