Whoever thunk up this idea should be used for a human pináta. He’s right up there with the guy that designed the parking lot at Wal-Mart.(notice the singular tense, not plural, Polk Countians) While I love the extra daylight(not that it wasn’t always there), but there are a few things I dislike.

1) My internal clock will be out of whack for about 3 weeks. Last night I laid in bed staring at the ceiling.(52,368 pieces of popcorn for those who were wondering)

2) I am drinking coffee again. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I haven’t had coffee since before Christmas. It’s not so much the coffee as the 3 packets of sugar and the extra sweetener needed to make it palatable. Welcome back Mr. 4 pounds.

3) Quiet time is harder to come by. For those new readers, this is a “church word” for daily bible reading and prayer. 3 chapters and some “bless me’s and forgive me’s.” Giving God 30 minutes when Uncle Sam took 60 is tough.

4) It shouldn’t be dark at 7:30 AM. It shouldn’t be light at 8PM. I’m with Justin, let’s make it 30 minutes and leave it alone!

I went to a website that tried to explain why. The reason’s were: increased voter turnout, safer trick-or-treaters, fewer traffic accidents, fewer violent crimes, and energy consumption. To that I say PLTTTTTTTHHH!! What kinda crap is that? People can’t manage their time enough, the government has to do that for us? They’ve done so well with Social Security and Unemployment, not to mention Health Care. What’s next? A Public Service Announcement on walking and chewing gum?

Word on the street is this was Ben Franklin’s idea. Isn’t this the same guy who flew a kite in a lightning storm? Brilliant.