My 3 favorite foods, in order are:



3)Beef Jerky

There was an article in the Ledger about bacon a week or so ago. It was great. It talked about chocolate covered bacon(not sure about that, but I would try it), bacon flavored vodka(for those morning bloody mary’s), and bacon flavored salt(for armed forces in Kosher countries). It was pretty awesome to see my favorite food featured in such a respectable newspaper. I gotta get some bacon salt.

BTW, popcorn would be my #4. I have an old-school popper that uses oil & 531 KW of electricity(the lights dim when I use it). I’ll sometimes take a piece of bacon and put it in the popper to give the popcorn a bacon flavor. Yum!  

My son would also agree with #’s 1, 3, & 4. We’re working on #2. He’s tried sushi and doesn’t hate it.

What’s your favorite food?