My favorite superheroes.

1) Green Lantern – An engineer with magical ring-powers. A super-nerd. Hal Jordan was the best.

2) Batman – The Dark Night – Cool guy, cooler gadgets. <Sidenote: My uncle’s first and middle name is Bruce Wayne – How cool?>

3) James Bond – The Roger Moore character to be exact. Not actually a superhero, but may as well be. He’s the coolest cat around. Casino Royale was a huge disappointment, though. Bond’s supposed to use his brains and charm, not his brute force.

A common theme looks to be that these are normal guys, not born with super-human powers. I think they portray hope and hard work. As well as the potential inside each of us. They also stand up for law and order and do what is right.(Well, maybe not Bond.)

Who’s your favorite superhero?