So Ginny and I have begun the discussion of whether or not to have another child. Josh is 4 and a half, and Riley will be 2 next week. (Wow, Riley will be 2.) They are GREAT kids. We love them to death.

Apparently the decision lies with me. Ginny will follow my lead, although I’m sure she’s leaning towards another kid. No pressure. Riiiight.

I just don’t know. What about college? What about Middle Child Syndrome? What if it’s a hellion? What if it’s another girl? Riley’s almost out of diapers. We can finally sleep at night. I just got my office back. We’ll be over 50 when the new kid graduates high school. That’s old. I feel old. We can barely afford 2 kids. I don’t want to be in a minivan forever.

Anyways, if anyone out there has any advice, I’ll listen.

Then comes the question of, “What does God have to say about it?” So God, if you read my blog, feel free to weigh in. (BTW, God – I really don’t want more than 3)