I saw the Loch Ness Monster once. True story(to the best of my ability).

My buddy Josh and I were in a john boat fishing in Lake Marianna. (If it was his boat, would it actually be a Josh boat?) Anyway, it was getting dark and we were heading back across the lake to the boat ramp when I saw it. I say I because Josh swears he didn’t see it. (I think he kept quiet for fear that the monster would come back to get him as he lived right down the street. To Josh, denial was the same as it never happening. Besides, Josh was always known for his superior hearing, not his sight. I digress.)

So I saw “IT.” A large thing rise out of the water, a huge snake-fish-monster-like creature. It looked me in the face and let out a hiss-shriek. Scared the crap out of me. And we’re in a josh boat with a hole in the bottom, gum stuck in the hole, worn out trolling motor with a half-dead battery, puttering across the lake. Stupid boat couldn’t go fast enough. I dare not paddle, for fear of losing my arms.(being the great boyscouts we were, we had no equipment save fishing gear and snuff) And Josh failed to see the magnitude of our situation. The shore couldn’t come quick enough! I kissed the bank like Gilligan, thanking the Lord for our safe deliverance from the mouth of the lake-beast.

I dubbed the monster “The Lake Marianna Monster.” Mary for short. Original, huh?

That day changed me. I didn’t sleep for weeks. We went back out there the next day and caught 2 bass, a mudfish and a warmouth.

BTW – this story is no where near as good as Scotty’s story (none are), but I’m OK with second best.