I am psychic.(no, not psychotic)

I have said for years(since I started paying taxes) that Social Security was me paying for older people to retire, and that it will not be around when I get ready to retire.

Guess what? On the radio the other day, it was announced that some bean counters(an accounting term) had crunched some numbers(another accounting term) and determined that the Social Security Fund would run dry in 2041.

Do you know how old I will be in ’41? I will be 65, the age at which I will be would have been able to draw Social Security payments. You can imagine my joy in doing that kind of math.

Not only will I not be able to draw any of what I have been paying for since I was 14, but I get the luxury of funding it right up until the last second! I had a slight meltdown that morning.

And who decided that the government was the best body to manage my retirement? How large is the federal deficit? $9.4 TRILLION and growing by $1.2 BILLION daily!

God Bless America!

OK, maybe I am psychotic.