My 3 favorite movies are:

1) Days of Thunder – Greatest ever. Back when Tom Cruise was normal, not a couch-hopping idiot. Ever notice that he runs in EVERY movie he’s in? “Go out there and hit the pace car. You’ve run into everything else, I just want you to be perfect.”

2) Young Guns – Best western ever. Stinkin’ hilarious. #1 and 2, though 1 is better. “Did you see the size of that rabbit?”

3) Tombstone – 2nd best western ever. Val Kilmer is brilliant. “I’ve got two guns, one for each of you.”

I have all of these movies, so hop on by and we’ll watch them. As long as you don’t mind me reciting the lines.

Bonus – Best Girlie Movie – Spanglish (It’s like the only girlie movie I ever stayed awake for.)