This post is in response to Travis calling me a cheater for piggy-backing off of yesterday’s post. So put this in your blog-pipe and smoke away.

I am a youth pastor. My official title is Minister to Students. Fancy.

While many of you are saying Duh, bear with me.

I do not readily divulge this information. Not that I am ashamed, but people act differently around you when they know you are in the ministry. Walls immediately go up and holiness isĀ multiplied so much that it is sickening. Normal people turn into the love child of the Pope and Mother Theresa.(There’s a book idea for Dan Brown)

I don’t want people to act differently, I want them to be themselves. If it happens to come up, fine. But I don’t open with, “Hi, I’m a youth pastor.”

Hopefully this makes sense. I always try to be me, even if people don’t like me. I just want you to be you, not who you think I want you to be.