I make stuff up.

Exibit A: the Ginny & Ray-Ray story. AKA, my own urban legend.

We were with some friends discussing fundraisers for our church youth group. Tiana recommended an auction, as they had one before and it was successful. It came up that Tracy McGrady had signed some basketballs and such for the auction. Ginny then declared that maybe she could get Ray Lewis to autograph some stuff. Tiana asked, “Oh, you know Ray Lewis?” To which I jokingly replied, “Yeah, she used to date him in high school.” We laughed, she turned red, and word spread throughout metro Auburndale.

Related note, on the way home from Ginny’s 10 year class reunion she pondered aloud why Ray Lewis didn’t come. I explained that 300 others that still lived in town WITHOUT interesting lives chose not to join us, and that Ray-Ray was probably busy.