I’ve had 5 vehicles to my name.(Not counting my wife’s 3 vehicles) They are as follows:

1) ’73 F150. I bought this from my dad for $250 in ’93. Yessir, it was 20 years old, with the original 302 motor. It was a “dump” truck, meaning it’s primary function in life was to carry trash to the dump. It started out brown with a white stripe and top. Someone before me had the wherewithall (AKA-stupid idea) to replace the white with yellow. Now it looked like a rolling turd. I nick-named the truck “Doo-doo Brown.” One seat cover and a gallon of maroon paint later, it became “The Possum.” Don’t ask me why.

2) ’76 F150. I sold the Possum a year later for $700, and bought this truck for $1000. It was cooler because it was 4-wheel drive.(a must-have for redneck teenage boys) It also had a 352 big block with a Holley 750 double-pumper.(Translated: 7 MPG) Did I mention it was a red truck with a blue hood and no tailgate? To crank it you had to pump the gas pedal twice, then hold it down while you turned the key. I LOVED that truck. I miss that truck. It was by far my favorite. I traded that truck for $500, a Beretta 9mm, a Marlin 30-30 and a compound bow. BTW- the 4-wheel drive never got used because I lost the front drive shaft due to not having a tailgate.

3) ’87 Camaro. The last year they made the Berlinetta. She was a “Betty,” though I never called her that. Bought this one in ’95 for $3500. 305 with a Quadrajet 4-barrel. Way too fast. I ran over a raccoon doing about 110. Messy. The previous owners replaced the interior with RED. I hate red, yet my first 3 vehicles had it. Quote from my then girlfriend, “Cool, now we can go to the next town.”(see previous vehicles)

4) ’96 F150. Bought it in ’97 from a dealer for $9000, traded the Camaro for $1000. The newest vehicle I ever owned, not counting my wife’s vehicles. Plain-Jane, 300 stick-shift. Nothing fancy. I drove this thing everywhere. Sold it for $2500.

5) 2001 F150. Bought in ’04 for way too much, but half what the original owner paid. I still have it, and it’s paid for so I’ll have it until it dies. Or I die, whichever comes first.

What’s your favorite vehicle story?