I have pet peeves. Many of them. I would say they come with age, but I’ve always had them. The non-all-inclusive list is as follows:

People who don’t use blinkers. They should be beaten. My ’76 Ford didn’t have a blinker switch, but I still used proper hand signalization. And turn them off after the turn is made.

People who don’t use spell check. Seriously. It’s the best invention since the bread slicer. And it’s free. Myspace needs spell check.

Retired people who conduct business at lunch. Really. They have ALL day to go to the post office, but choose to do so at lunch time when working people need to go. And then they want to look at all the stamps. Birds. Elvis. Flowers. Black History. Aviation. Seashells. Stay home between 11:30 and 1.

People who think you want to hear their music. So what if you spent way too much on your car stereo or Ipod.The rest of us don’t want to hear it. And it’s usually some crappy obscure song that no one’s ever heard besides themselves and those¬†lucky enough to be within earshot. It’s never Steve Miller Band or Matchbox 20. It’s usually DJ Superlove or Mystery Mix 2017. Turn it down. Better yet, turn it off. And get a vasectomy.

I think this technically defines me as crotchety. When I become president, these will be addressed.