I came home from work last night tired and with a headache THIS big. Our church leadership meeting was cancelled, so I had a free evening. Until I saw the stream of water flowing from the garage. We don’t live on the river, and according to the paper we are in a drought. After some Scooby-Doo detective work, thum-thum-thum a cluuuue! The water heater was leaking. Not good. I found the old paperwork and it turns out that it lasted 11 years and 2 days. And there was a 10 year warranty. The way I see it, I stuck it to them for 367 days.

$315 and a few hours later, it was fixed. Thank God for friends like Bobby. He came by and gave me a hand and had some useful tools. Now I’ve got to apologize to the kids for being a pain in the butt last night.

What kind of surprises have greeted you lately?