Last Sunday I asked the youth group to name a place they would like to go or what they would like to be. Most of the girls named countries. One of the boys wanted to be a football player/racecar driver in New York. Interesting. Anyway, here’s my list of places I would like to go.

1) Australia. We just missed our chance to go this year, but there’s always next year. I’ve seen enough Crocodile Hunter that we won’t need a guide. Just an antivenin kit.

2) Hawaii. This place just looks cool. I’ve wanted to go there ever since Magnum P.I. was on.

3) Zellwood Sweet Corn Festival. A more realistic destination. This was my response on Sunday. Apparently my wife was listening because she ordered us tickets this week. You can’t go wrong with roasted corn dipped in a vat of butter and loaded with salt.

Where would you like to go?