Last Tuesday I went to the Rays game at Disney with Josh and two of our friends. It was a great time, and beautiful weather. I’m not a big fan of Disney, but the stadium was clean and comfortable, and the parking was free. Not to mention we made it home in 40 minutes compared with 2 1/2 hours from the Trop. I love hanging out with Josh, spending Joshy-Daddy time. That stuff you don’t get back or make up for. And he had a blast for 6 innings. He got a popcorn, frozen lemonade, Sprite, miniature bat, Mickey Mouse baseball, and a hamburger. AND – he got a game ball!

Game Ball

He slept with that ball. Priceless.

Not that he’ll read this post, but I wanted to say thanks to Lyle Overbay, the Jay’s 1st baseman, for tossing Josh that ball. It made his day. Heck, it made my day. He didn’t have to do that. He could have done his job and walked to the dugout, not caring about the fans. But he did. My negative perception of baseball players has softened slightly. I guess I shouldn’t judge. Thanks.