If you’ve been to RPC the last two weeks and listened to announcements or read the bulletin, you know that I’ll be ordained next week. I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda scared. I mean, it’s kinda like baptism – nothing magical, you just get wet – but it still is sorta magical. In this case, it’s nothing magical – just some guys praying for me – buy prayer is powerful. And ordination is a setting apart for God’s work.

God’s work. He’s not your normal boss. The stakes are greater. Not that all Christians aren’t called to do God’s work, but this is like making it official. I’m probably making a BIG deal out of this, but I’m nervous. You see, I know me. And I know I’m not perfect. Matter of fact, I’m nowhere close. I screw up constantly. If it weren’t for God’s grace, who knows where I’d be.

Mostly, I think I’m worried about being accepted by church people. (that was painful to write) Me, of all people, caring what religious people think. I just don’t want to have to explain myself, and with religious people, you can’t win.

I haven’t been to seminary. I struggle at being a good husband. I’m not the best father. I am selfish. I struggle with pride. I don’t know scripture as well as I should. I’m not qualified.

That may be why I am called. Given all my shortcomings, I have no choice but to rely on God. I cannot get by on my talents, so I must rely on mercy and grace.

That being said, I am still nervous. I don’t know where God is leading me, I just want to serve Him. I’ve got a lot of growing to do.

If you pray, say a few words for me. If you do something different, remember me, too. If someone wants to throw some karma or happy thoughts my way, I’ll take it. Hold off on the live sacrifices for now. I’ll pass on that.