Have you ever been busy? The last month is a blur. I turned down a speaking opportunity because I’m trying to become more aware of my time. And I LOVE to speak. This weekend is no different.

Friday – Josh’s last day in pre-school. They’re having a party. Date night for me & Ginny. Dinner & a movie. I wonder if she’ll go for Iron Man. Yeah, right. I’ll let you know how Made of Honor turns out.

Saturday – Relay for Life @ work. Hopefully that’s all.

Sunday – Church. 2 services. Then dinner with our new family group at our house. I am really excited about this group.

We’re uber-busy. So if I don’t come to something, or I decline an invite, or I tell you no if you ask me to do something, don’t be mad. I’m not. I’m just trying to build some margin into my life and reserve more time for my family and God. Gotta go.