I’ve been nice lately. If you know me, you know this is not like me.

1) I’ve been saying Thank You.I wrote a thank you e-mail to the Jays first-baseman who tossed Josh a game ball. I also sent a hand-written thank you note to Josh’s pre-school teacher. #1- Both of these gentlemen did something great for my son. #2- Teachers don’t get near the appreciation they deserve. Especially good teachers. #3- Being in the ministry, I understand what it’s like to be in a thankless position, AND I understand the power of a thank you note. If someone’s done something great for you, let them know.

2) I’ve been generous lately.I bought lunch for the office. I took lunch to Josh’s teachers. Twice. I had the opportunity to help someone greatly and anonymously.  Greatnonymously. This isn’t like me. I’m selfish. I have a plan for my money. And it normally doesn’t include giving it away.

So why, you ask, the sudden change in personality? I don’t know. Perhaps it is our current series at RidgePoint Church, In the Zone. Maybe I’ve decided that God has blessed me so greatly that I want to bless others. Or I’ve decided to become a better steward of the things in which God has entrusted to me.

Whatever it is, it’s contagious. And I like it. You should try it. Sometimes it is only when you have given your life away that you truly live.