Warning – If you tend to get upset or holier-than-thou, stop now.

I got some horrible news today. Not just bad news, but horrible. I found out one of my close friends was arrested for drugs. Cocaine to be exact. That’s not necessarily recreational. And when I say close, I mean I love this guy like a brother. I would do anything for him. What do you do with news like that?

Seriously, I am pissed. I want to go over there and kick his ass. That’s what he deserves. There comes a time when you grow up. When you stop being selfish and think about others. High School is over. Join the real world.

That’s why I’m taking a few days before I talk to him. I need to clear my head and get over my emotions so I can address him rationally. He doesn’t need someone else telling him how bad he screwed up or yelling at him about his mistakes. He needs a friend, and if I’m anywhere close to that, then I need to love him. I hate it for him. I hate it for his kids. I hate it for his parents. I hate it that I’m in this situation to have to talk to him about something so stupid. But he needs a friend right now.

If I can’t forgive him and love him, how can I expect God to forgive me for the multitude of stupid mistakes I make daily? Am I any better than my friend? Aren’t we all just one mistake away from ruin?

Pray for him. And pray for me. I don’t have a clue what to say to him.