I am legally Reverend Michael D. Mathews.

That is probably the first and last time I will write that. Not that I am ashamed or irreverent, but because that is a churchy title. I am Michael. Always was, and always will be. Nothing will change that.

My ordination was last night at RPC. Wow! What an awesome time. I had no idea what to expect. I had never been to an ordination before. A couple of notes about last night:

My dad was there.  This was as big for me as the ordination. I love my dad. I know he loves me. He’s uncomfortable with church. This was like the tenth time total I know of him being in a church. Seven were weddings and funerals. It took a lot for him to come and I appreciate that.

I was blown away by the people who showed up. There were easily 75 people there last night. We don’t have Wednesday night service, so this was all for me. I was humbled at the turnout. And to hear the ways I have touched peoples lives was unbelievable. What they don’t know is that they impact me every day in much greater ways.

Granny cried. This is only the second time I have ever seen her cry. Granny has always expected big things from me. She’s one of my biggest supporters. I think part of it was that she knew Granddaddy would have been proud.

 My youth kids were there. Current and prior. I’m glad. They are the reason I’m doing what I am doing. Society tells them they aren’t special, and without money or talent they are nothing. That’s crap! These kids are special. Every one of them. God loves them and I love them, and that’s enough to make them special.

Justin did a great job. He always does. And he said some really great things about me. I love Justin. Always have. You always know where he stands. We’re very similar. He’s been around for almost all of my time in the ministry. We’ve both grown and matured together. I’m glad he was a part of the service. Thanks.

Timm and Charles knew just what to say.I love Timm like a brother. I have always supported him. I count it a privilege to work with him. He has always trusted my judgement and never micro-managed me. That’s HUGE for a pastor-youth pastor relationship. And to have Charles take time to come and speak was an honor. It’s very humbling to know that many people care about you and hold you in high regard.

Ginny was right beside me. I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for her. I thank God every day for the gift he gave me. She’s the reason I’m back in church. She makes me a better man. I married WELL over my head. I don’t deserve her, and I am no where near the husband she deserves. But she loves me any way. And she supports me. I wouldn’t think of any one else I would want right beside me than her.

God showed up. OK, so he’s everywhere, but he definitely orchestrated this event. I wouldn’t be here without him, in SOOO many ways. He deserves all the credit for last night. And I’ll need him more than ever from this point on.

Those are the high points that I remember. The night was a blur of emotion, so I’m sure I missed a great deal. Tell me what you thought.