We got our economic stimulus check today. I know this because I called the bank to balance our checkbook and there was WAY more than I had bargained for. This is always good.

And now a good chunk of it is spent.

$180 went to our tithe.

$200 went to new brakes. (Dodge refused to put it on Mario Andretti’s tab)

$200 is going to someone in need who has no clue who we are. (I was actually going for $100 but was out-bid by my wife. Good for her.)

That’s 1/3 of our check. And we haven’t bought anything flashy or selfish for ourselves yet.(brakes don’t count) But it showed up at just the right time. I’m not sure what to do with the rest just yet. I’m thinking of giving some to Bite Back and/or Compassion, but I’ll wait to confer with the wife. And some will go to finishing our hall bathroom. The rest may, cover your ears Uncle Sam, go to pay down debt.

What about you? What are you doing with your check?