Mondays are my busiest days. Today was no different.

6AM – Men’s Group. Great time. We finished Tony Dungy’s book. Wow. Next week we’re meeting for breakfast. Then we start Vince Antonucci’s I Became a Christian and allI Got Was a Lousy T-Shirt. And we’ll start remembering sermon on the mount. Whew! I’m tired already.

7AM – Head to Winter Garden for an all-day staff meeting for my secular job. 8 hours with engineers. Wheeeee! Lunch was good, everything else was wahn wah wah wahn, wahn wah wah wah.

4PM – Staff meeting’s over. <insert dancing Snoopy> Stop by jobsite, then home.

5:45PM – Home. See family for 30 minutes, inhale food, change clothes.

6:30PM – RPC Leadership meeting. Wow! Possibly the best meeting ever. If you won’t lead, don’t be upset when we leave you on the dock. AND we got our Hedgehog Concept! “A place where people who don’t like church like church.” That’s real! I’m excited. And a little scared – in a good way.

9:30 – Home. Talk to Josh about being disrespectful to mommy. He’s got the softest little heart. Knowing he disappointed me broke his heart. He said his prayers through sobbing tears. I love my kids! They’re real, nothing fake with them.

11PM – END. Thank God! Today was like a marathon. But it was a good day.