This weekend at RPC, the youth will begin a 4-week series on Moral Boundaries. That’s right, we’re talking about sex. That dreaded and awkward time for teenagers.

I firmly believe that if kids are learning about sex from TV, friends and the Internet, they should at least hear God’s side of the story. And I don’t count on the parents telling them about it. If they do, that’s great. They’ll hear it twice.

I’m excited about the next few weeks. The sex talk always opens up for interesting discussion. One year, we discussed masturbation. We coined the phrase “going number 3” as code-word.

We  used to warn parents about “the talk”, but now it is just part of the curriculum. I’ve never had a parent come to me before or after with any problems, so I stopped getting uptight about the topic. Actually, I think parents are relieved, like they think it excuses them from having to discuss sex with their kids. It doesn’t.

Week 1 starts tomorrow. The big idea is: Eye Candy Leads to Soul Cavities. Wow. The visual involves a blender. Don’t miss it!