As I posted, some of us went to Church at the Springs where Timm was speaking this past weekend. We wanted to support Timm, and I wanted to see the facility. A couple of things occurred to me while we were gone.

1) Timm is the real deal. He was invited to speak for a 3500 person church. That’s 10x what we have at RPC. And he killed it.

2) Our band is insanely talented. Their band was good, but they have nothing on ours.

3) There are few differences between our church and theirs. Aside from the fact that they have 10x the people and nicer facilities, we are remarkably similar. Our speaking is as good (probably better), and our band IS better. They have 10 more years under their belt, and they appear to be a little more intentional in what they do. Also, it would appear their leadership is better developed than ours. But again, we are relatively young at this. Interestingly, they had a VERY friendly congregation. I felt immediately welcome. It was as if I was still at RPC. AND, Josh had a great time in Springsville, their children’s church.

4) We don’t realize how great we have it at RPC. Seriously. One Sunday, you should come to the 9:30 service and then go to another church. Any church. It will give you a new perspective. I dare say we are spoiled and don’t realize it.

All in all, they have a great church with nice facilities, great volunteers, and a friendly congregation. The main difference between the 2 churches is facilities. The moral: we are on the verge of something big, and I am honored to be a part of what God is doing in Polk County.

Great things are on the horizon, and we can either wait and see or we can paddle out to meet it. I’m ready to grab a paddle!