The much awaited Wii Fit came out yesterday, so I bought one. I have been pretty excited about this since it was announced. This is the first time I’ve been excited about a video game in 15 years.

Once I set it up and popped in the CD, it prompted me to set up a profile complete with height and weight. What happened next was a little disturbing. The game proceeded to tell me I was overweight and my Mii character blew up like a balloon. I really didn’t need to spend $96 to be told I’m fat. My wife will do that for free. BUT, once I started playing, it redeemed itself. This thing is AWESOME! I can’t even describe how cool it is. You’ll just have to come over and try it. And, yes, the Nintendo will probably tell you that you’re fat, but for $5 I’ll say you aren’t.

BTW – This thing is supposed to help me lose 15 pounds in 6 months, which will get me into the not-fat BMI.