Our friends Mike and Emily Monte-Carlo-Okra celebrated their 2-year anniversary this weekend. Good for them. They marked the occasion by eating large amounts of meat. (check out Mike’s blog)

That got me thinking. This August will be 8 years for us. What was life like for the Mathews’ in year number two? I’m glad you asked.

  • No kids. Was there actually a time when it was just two of us?
  • I had just graduated college. We took a cruise to Cozumel for a graduation gift.
  • I was about 20 pounds lighter.(cruise ship food was the downward spiral)
  • I had just started my job as an engineer. (The nerdy kind, not the train kind.)
  • Ginny had a job!
  • We had just joined First Baptist Church of Jan Phyl Village. (Try writing that on a tithe check)

Funny how times change. Now we have 2 kids, I have 2 jobs, Ginny has 0 jobs (not counting Mother, Wife, and Maid), And FBCJPV is now RidgePoint Church. The funny thing is, I wouldn’t change a thing.(except the 20 pounds)

What was life like for you at year number two?