Wedding Season. The time of year when some poor soul gives up freedom and bachelorhood for the throes of matrimony.(and the false hope of endless sex)

Actually, it’s not that bad. I like being married. It saved me from myself, and I have 2 great kids to show for it, not to mention a loving wife who just happens to be hot! (she will die from embarrassment 3.6 seconds after reading this) My wife and my kids are definitely gifts from God.

We went to a wedding for some friends Saturday night. This will be a demerit on my ManCard, but I like going to weddings. They’re pretty cool. And it’s so much better when you can just attend and not be a participant.

Also, I hold marriage in high regard, mostly because Jesus takes it so seriously. We’ve trivialized marriage so much it’s not funny. Divorce is no big deal to us, or to Britney Spears. Who cares if you love them, just get married and if it doesn’t work, then punt. Bullcrap! Marriage is in trouble, and we need to start taking it seriously. <end rant>

Long story short, I did the Hokey-Pokey, so I’m good for another 6 months.