It’s interesting to see what search engine terms were used to get to my blog. I’ve listed some of the weirdest below:

“anime tattoos” – I don’t have any but I do have my opinions about them.

masturbation comments – No comment.

ray lewis – Ray-ray representin’

al gore snickers commerical i invented p – Very strange. He invented pee, too? Dude was seriously busy.

“her fly was” – was what?

thank you for being my preschool teacher – You’re welcome, but I’ve never taught preschool.

songs that have a wah wah paddle in it – I have no idea what this means.

little boy with big voice – Are you talkin’ to me? Not liking Google so much right now.

emily montsdeoca – Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not Emily.

“dress shut in” – In what?

big voice in small body – let’s talk – How you doin’?

Those are by far the strangest for now. What about you? How did you get here?