As many of you know, Ginny and I went to a wedding a week or so ago. Apparently, a new trend is to give away felt-looking hearts that contain flower seeds. The idea is to take them home, plant them, and share the couple’s magical day every day in your flower bed. I don’t get it, but it seems like a cool idea. I grabbed some to take home for the kids, thinking it will be a great lesson on nature for them. (Plus they were free)

A week or so later, I finally bought potting soil and was ready to expose my kids to nature. We put the soil in pots, sprinkled some plant food in, placed the heart on the soil, added more soil and let Josh handle the watering duties. After placing the pots in just the right location, I went in the back yard to put up the tools. I returned to see Josh staring intently at the two pots of soil. He looked at me and said, “Daddy, there are no flowers yet.”

It was then that I was reminded of what an instantaneous culture we live in. Everything is “On Demand” or at our fingertips. We really don’t have to wait for anything. Even Disney has FastPass to avoid the lines. We run along at 100 miles an hour, never taking time to appreciate time.

So what was intended to be a lesson on nature and God’s beauty has also become a teaching opportunity on patience and perspective.

What have you come to realize lately?