I posted a month ago about my friend who was arrested for possession of cocaine. I’ve been meaning to post an update, but there really hasn’t been much to update. Until now.

Two weeks after his arrest, I stopped by to see him. I asked him what was going on, and he denied everything. In the nicest way I could, I told him I would love to believe him but that I didn’t. I told him I loved him and nothing he has done or could do would change that. Then, last week, I stopped by again. He didn’t answer the door. As I drove off, I saw him standing in the doorway. That should catch you up, now enter Sunday morning.

3AM to be exact. I received a text message that read: I am out of control and I need you right now!!!  What do you do with that? I don’t know what you do, but I got dressed and got in the truck. If 3AM is when he wants to come clean and get help, then 3AM it is.

So my friend came clean. It appears it took getting punched in the mouth by another friend to finally come to terms with his problem, but whatever it takes. He wants help, and I want to help him.

Honestly, I don’t need this. I’ve got plenty of other things going on in my life, and I don’t need the added drama. I hate drama. But, it’s not about me right now, it’s about my friend in need. I don’t necessarily need him right now, but he needs me.

It makes me think of my relationship with God. He doesn’t need me, with my sin and my messes. God is perfectly fine without me. But I need Him. Desperately. I need His truth, His love, His grace and mercy. I have nothing to offer Him that He doesn’t already have. But God is there for me. Every time I need Him, He’s there.

My friend is no different. What he needs isn’t me, it’s God. But he’s reaching out to me, so I need to be Jesus to him and show him love, and compassion and forgiveness. It may be through our relationship that he begins a relationship with God. The way I see it, I have no choice but to reach out to my friend and love him. Nothing he has done or will do can make me love him any more or any less. I have to remember that, because that is how Jesus loves me. Unconditionally.

The way I see it, we are at step one right now. This is where we begin. Thank you for your prayers.