This has been the busiest weekend on record!

On Saturday, I had the privilege of officiating at the wedding of two of the kids from my youth group. They’re adults now, but it was an honor to be there with them on their wedding day. And, the reception was a BLAST! We danced so much my legs hurt. BTW, Josh is a dancing MACHINE! And since the wedding was Saturday, Friday was spent doing pre-wedding chores. (pick up tux, get haircut, etc.) Not to mention rehearsal.

Today was jam-packed, as well. We continued our Judgement Call series at RPC. This week was when to judge. The idea was when you become a Christian, you place yourself under a whole other level of judgement. I got to pray with Marcus, who chose to give his life to Christ. (he was a first-time visitor, BTW) Did I mention that first service I swear EVERYONE was singing? It was awesome. Oh yeah, and my friend with the drug problem, he came to the second service. What a great day, and we haven’t even been to Family Group, yet. If every Sunday is like this, I won’t be able to contain myself. I almost forgot to mention that it rained like 28 inches during the last service, but the power held out until the very end.

So, how great was your weekend? Did I miss anything?