I did a post like this a while back entitled “You Got Here How?” showing some of the weird searches that brought people to my site. Well, I’ve gathered a few more and couldn’t wait to share them with you.

holier than thou-stop – Makes me wanna collaborate and listen.

what are words to song “i love you a bus – I don’t know, but I bet they’re just swell. And it’s probably better than loving someone a moped.

glitter – I imagine someone trying to find Mariah Carey’s blog and reaching me.

michael matthews work at home – This is the sign from God that I have been looking for. BTW, God, there’s only one “t” in Mathews.

“1/4 japanese” – Represent’in.

andy stanley – Imagine the disappointment (or surprise) when they searched for Andy Stanley and found me.

how to change mike and marry voice – #1 I’m not changing. #2 Who’s this “voice” fellow?

emily thompson flowers – They weren’t from me. I promise.

emily intervention update – Really?

intervention emily update – Wow.

intervention update on emily – Again?

emily 26, intervention update – I see a trend here.

emily update from intervention – Sorry about Emily and her problems, but I appreciate the traffic.

problem he wants me but not my kids – This is strangely random.

two different shoes fashion shows – Josh has found his calling! Little Mr. Two Shoes, here we come.

Which one is your favorite?