This is my second monthly installment of Link Love. You can check out the first one if you like. The basic premise is this: I highlight the top 5 referrers to my blog. I don’t count websites, only people. So, without further ado, here’s the top 5 for June.

 Timm Collins. Same spot as last month. RPC‘s pastor. Noah’s dad. Miranda’s husband.

Travis Thompson. Same spot as well. If I gave double points for linking from a post, he would be in first. I don’t think Travis fully appreciated the humor in last month’s post.

Emily Monts De Oca. Same spot – I see a trend. Word on the street is she owns a woobie and will kill anyone who touches it. Kinda like a voodoo blankie. Plus, she’s like reverse Houdini – getting locked in places.

Justin Whidden. RPC‘s worship pastor. Dude is super-gifted. Like the Artist Formerly Known As Prince, without the phallic-shaped guitar. New to the top 5. Welcome. He’s actually tied for fourth place with the next two people.

Melissa Loop. AKA pinky68. AKA Satchmo’s momma. Mel’s new to the top 5 AND new to the blog-world. Go check her out. She’s got some pretty deep thoughts. Kinda like Jack Handey, without the satire. Mel’s the sleeper for this month.

Mike Monts De Oca. Same spot as last month, but with some company. Be careful what you leave behind or you may see a ransom blog or a listing on e-bay.

Honorable mention: Bobby McCue. No doubt Bobby would be on this list. If he only had a blog. Why is that, again?

That’s it for this month. Be sure to check out each of those represented here, and tell them Michael sent you. BTW, stop trying to click Bobby’s name. He’s not interactive. I just changed the font color.