Day 2 of Beach Camp.

Last night was a blast! They had an illusionist – Jared Hall. A pretty funny guy, and a good illusionist. I may borrow part of his act sometime. Chris Tomlin brought the house down. It was unbelievable seeing 6500 people worshipping God at the same time! Then Louie Giglio told us how small we are and how enormously large God is, and despite the difference He knitted each of us in our mother’s womb. Pretty awesome stuff.

This morning, Louie reminded us that Colossians 1:16 says that we were created by God for God. Given that fact, we need to live extraordinary lives for Him. He encouraged us not to satisfy for normal, but make our lives count. Then Alex and I ate some sushi, and I attempted to teach Taylor how to skimboard. I’m pretty much a pro, but she’s not. BTW – I assume no responsibility for injuries while skimboarding.

It’s raining right now, but John Wayne is on the tube, so it’s all good.