<cue ominous spooky-music>

I visited my friendly neighborhood dentist today. Actually, the dentist wasn’t there, but the hygienist was. She’s a nice lady. She cleaned Kristin’s teeth just the other day. And she said that Travis only comes when he has major teeth issues.

The Good News: I have clean teeth and a new toothbrush. It’s black w/ green bristles.

The Bad News: I have a cavity in the exact tooth they have been “watching.” Whatever that means. It’s the same tooth I had a cavity in last year and had fixed. I asked if they could just pull that tooth out, since it keeps getting cavities and all. Apparently that’s not an option. 

Here’s a strange thought: Why are the people who fix your teeth the same ones responsible for keeping them clean? Is it just me, or does that seem like a conflict of interest? Shouldn’t I get a discount or money back for my teeth not being in the shape they are supposed to be in? I’m just saying.