For those of you wondering, Boo Boo Cat is progressing rather well. I’m a little disappointed that a sick cat is the main fodder for my blog, but such is life. We have, however, signed him up for anger management classes. He hisses at everyone. Until you pick him up, and then he’s fine. And he is checking out the other cats, who really aren’t sure about him right now.

We’ve also talked about giving him a real name. I am somewhat against this, since naming him makes him more real, if that makes since, and therefore harder to part with should the time come. Right now we are going with “Trace”, which is a cruel pun on him having three good legs.(uno, dos, tres) I liked “Kickstand”, but I was the only one. Josh suggested “Tony”, but we already have a cat named Tony. Riley is stuck on Boo Boo Cat. So there you have it.

Any suggestions on a name?

BTW – his bad leg seems to be getting better, he has worms, and he goes to the vet on Friday for a checkup.

BTWW – A bath worked wonders for the dirt and fleas, and his attitude.