These words have been around for ages. We like it when people use these words. I teach my children to say these words. Better yet, I expect it from them.

Do you know how often I use these words with my spouse? Hardly ever. And I didn’t even notice until we had a conversation with Emily about her and Mike starting to use them and how it positively affected their relationship.

So we started saying “Please” and “Thank You” to each other. (Ginny more than me, if we’re being honest.) The result: I am more willing to accommodate my wife’s request when one word is added. And, I am more willing to continue that behavior unprovoked when “Thank You” is tagged onto the end.

Could it be that three forgotten words can change the world? I know this: It has made a difference in my marriage, which affects my children, who affect the future of everything. You tell me.

Thank you for your time. Please come again.