I’m convinced that every weekend is crazy and jam-packed, and that sabbath = Sunday afternoon nap. Here’s this weekend’s wrap-up.

  • Took the kids to a birthday party at the park for our friends.
  • Performed a backyard wedding between storms. Let’s just say I’m glad I stuck to my guns on payment.
  • Went to a birthday party for my friend’s girlfriend. Quote of the night, “I know who you are. I’ll try not to disrespect you. I’m sorry I didn’t meet you sober.”
  • Sunday services at RPC rocked! Gabe brought it. And my friend Bobby McCue made his speaking debut. It was Bobby’s first time in the barrel, and he knocked it out of the park. He spoke on Luke 16:10-13 about chasing the American dream vs. following God. His big idea was We come to church to be entertained and we go to culture to be taught. The part that got me was the footnote about Abraham and Isaac – The Lord will provide the sacrifice. Good stuff! BTW – Bobby doesn’t blog, and we don’t know why.
  • Ate lunch at Sonny’s with our family group. I love our family group. Who are you in community with?
  • Sunday afternoon nap! I highly recommend it!

That’s my wrap-up for this weekend. Anything I missed?