It’s the first of the month again, and you know what that means. Government checks! Oh, no, I mean Link Love. That time when I give a shout out to the top 5 people who gave me a shout out last month and sent me the most traffic.

Timm Collins – Steady at the top of Link Love once again. He’s been at the top since I started Link Love. Can anyone dethrone him? Tune in next month to find out…….

Blue Room Worthy – Also known as Travis Thompson. Or #2 at RPC. Ironically, he’s been in the #2 spot on Link Love all three months, although he had some stiff opposition from #3.

Pinky68 – Climbing one spot from last month, she was only one link away from #2. So close, yet so far.

Tabby Bottoms– She disappeared last month, but reappeared and gained a spot. It may have had something to do with the Spongebob joke, I’m not sure.

Emily.the.Strange – Previously holding strong at #3 the last two months. I feel our friendship waning.

Honorable Mention – Although this post is dedicated to actual people, I must give a shout out to my friends over at A&E. Their Intervention series, specifically the one on Emily from season 4, has sent me 258 visitors last month. That’s as much as this month’s top 5 combined! Thanks A&E and Emily.

That’s it for this month. Be sure to check out the links here, and tell them I sent you. Check back next month to see if Timm and Travis stay 1 & 2, and if Emily drops out of the top 5. I can hardly wait.