Brody Harper does a recurring themed post every Tuesday called Positive Post Tuesday, where he writes something positive about someone ore something. Kristen wrote a great post about her grandfather that made me cry. More on that in a subsequent post.

My positive post is about a good friend of mine. He was one of my first youth kids when I became a youth pastor. He is a great kid, with a great heart. I’ve said this numerous times, but if I were to ask him to walk through the wall, he would do it. I remember once I did a message on sin, and he came to me as serious as a heart attack and said, “Mr. Mike, sometimes at football practice, I cuss. I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?” It’s funny, but when you’re faced with half of your youth group wrapped up in sex and drugs, it’s refreshing to have a potty mouthed football player. Then there was our first camping trip when I was telling ghost stories and he came to me and said, “Mr. Mike, I don’t know if those stories are true, but I’m really scared. Can you not try anything to scare me any more tonight?”

So my Positive Post Tuesday is dedicated to my good friend Teddy. I love this kid. He is by far my favorite youth kid ever. I probably shouldn’t say that, but it’s the truth. If any of my other kids are reading this, you are #2, right behind Teddy.

I picked Teddy because he is such a great kid, with such a huge heart, but I picked him for another reason. Teddy is having a rough time right now. I won’t go into detail, but understand that his world has been turned on its ear recently. For a teenager, that’s devastating. Through it all, though, Teddy hasn’t given up. He hasn’t whined or complained. Matter of fact, if you saw him you wouldn’t know anything was wrong. Most of all, he hasn’t lost his faith in God. If I could make everything better for him I would. But I can’t. So I pray for him, and I love on him.

Quick story and I’m done – The first time I ever met Teddy, he had a fork in his pocket. I asked what the fork was for, and he said, “I thought we might be eating sometime soon.” Classic. Keep your head up, Teddy. I love you.