This Positive Post Tuesday is a very special one. Today I will highlight my favorite guy in the whole wide world. It is also special because today happens to be his birthday. This PPT is dedicated to my son, Joshua Raymond Mathews. He turns five today. He signs up for t-ball today. He starts kindergarten next week. He’s growing up rather quickly.

I remember the day he was born. The doctors had to take Ginny in for an emergency C-Section due to Preclampsia.(blood pressure, white blood count) Since she would be completely out for surgery, I had to wait in the hall. This was not cool. The woman I loved the most and my son I had never met were going behind closed doors, and I didn’t know if either would return. I spent a lonely forever in that hallway. Then, like a shot ringing out in the silence, I heard a baby crying. And even though I had never met him, much less heard his voice, I knew that was my son. My Joshua. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. My life was never the same from that day.

We’ve had numerous adventures since then. We’ve been fishing, four-wheeling, to baseball games, swimming, and countless other fun activities. We’ve also learned together, me teaching him about God and about life and about sports and about animals – and him teaching me about unconditional love and patience and forgiveness and faith.

Last year, his cat ran away. We prayed for him every night, but after a week I tried to prepare him for the fact that his cat probably wouldn’t return. Josh refused to give up, and after 3 months of Josh praying, his cat returned.

Josh has the softest heart of anyone I know. He gets that from his mom, but I had a soft heart as a kid.(It hardened over time) A few weeks ago, Ginny wanted Josh to watch a movie with her, but he didn’t want to. That night, as he lay in bed, he began to cry. We went in to check on him, and he was crying because he felt bad that he had disappointed his mom by not watching the movie with her.

I may be biased, but he may quite possibly be the best son ever. Happy birthday, Josh. Daddy loves you.

Why so serious?