Friday again! They fly by, don’t they? Here’s five for Friday.

  • I’m leaving for Texas this weekend. Remember last week when I wrote about Ike? He’s still around, and he’s not happy. See everyone in a few weeks! I’ll miss Josh’s first t-ball game and Ginny’s first doctor’s appointment.
  • Bloodhound Bash this afternoon. Should be a blast! It’s a chance to give back to the teachers.
  • I met with Josh’s teacher today. Proactively. He’s doing well. Turns out he likes to talk a lot. He must get that from his mom.
  • Boo Boo Cat will be getting declawed. Soon. I’m tired of waking up to the sound of shredding furniture.
  • Everyone in the house is well. For now. I pray it stays that way for a while. Especially since I’ll be hundreds of miles away.

That’s it for me. It may be quiet around here for a while depending on my hours and internet connection. I’ll post hurricane pics if I’m able. Happy Friday!