It’s Friday again! What are the odds? Like 1 in 5 or something. Well, here goes.

1) My back. Is. Killing. Me. I don’t know what I did, but I wish I hadn’t. Whoever has the voodoo doll, please stop. Thanks.

2) Catalyst is in 5 days. I’m excited about going for the first time. I’m not real excited about leaving the family again. I hope to meet some of the bloggers I follow, like her and him and this guy and  that guy and this guy, but I’m especially stoked to see and hear this guy. I’ve been paying the most attention to him lately. Should be an energizing and draining 3.5 days.

3) My hall shower is getting fixed, and not by me. I had every intention of tiling the shower myself, but I have very little time and experience. Fortunately, a friend in construction had some time, and I had some money, so VIOLA! It should be finished next week. Did I mention that my wife has been VERY patient with me through this?

4) Being a t-ball coach is hard work. I took a bat to the shin on Tuesday. The knot has mostly gone down.

5) Work and church are both crazy right now. Huge things are happening in both places. Lots of work, too. That equals tired Michael.

That’s it for me. Happy Friday!