Happy Tuesday. It’s more like a Friday for me, since I will be leaving for Catalyst tomorrow. I digress.

Today’s PPT is dedicated to my dad, Raymond Mathews. You may remember him. I’ve posted about him before.

My dad’s not a technologically savvy kind of guy, and he may never read this post, but that’s not the point. He’s my dad. And he’s one of the greatest guys I know. He taught me a great deal of what I know (most of which is a misdemeanor). I have his laugh and most of his mannerisms. I also have his concept of time, or lack there of. We’re way more alike than either of us would like to admit.

The thing I love most about my dad is that he always treats me the same, no matter what. He treats me like he’s my father 100%. When I do well, he’s proud of me. When I screw up, he stands by me and tells me it will be OK. When I need help, he’s there. When I break something, he knows how to fix it. He can put a positive spin on ANYTHING. And he usually takes the side of the underdog. He’s a hard worker who makes his own way and stands on his own two feet. Also, I’ve never felt treated any different than my brother and sister, which is a huge deal. I hope to be the kind of father he is.

Like I said, we’re more alike than either of us will admit, so if you know me it’s like knowing him. But it’s so worth getting to know him. He doesn’t blog, and he’s not on any social networking sites, but if you’re in the 7-11, he’ll be the loud guy with the deep, infectious laugh drinking a Pepsi.

Happy Tuesday, dad.