Today’s Positive Post is dedicated to The Blue Room.

It’s a place where I’ve laughed, cried, made inappropriate comments and had my mind stretched beyond it’s tensile strength. The Blue Room is also 40% of the reason I started blogging. You see, its author happens to be a good friend of mine. This said friend pressured cajoled strong-armed urged me to share my ideas with the world. (Now the joke’s on him and the rest of you.) Today is significant, because a year ago today, said friend and author entered my life. We didn’t actually meet until a few weeks later, but it was a year ago when the intersection occurred. I have never been the same, and I thank God for that.

There are some people who you wonder how you existed before you met them, and you’re certain you couldn’t go on without them. Travis is one of those people for me.

Do me a favor. Head over to the Blue Room and say hi. You’ll be glad you did.